Take a step back… Then march forward.

          A story-centric RPG of the struggles and triumph of Agatha (Elite Four member in Red/Blue) and Samuel Oak (Professor Oak, Red/Blue). Two unique alternating perspectives intertwining into a single narrative, a detailed day/night cycle with time-based events, a fully-fledged quest system and many more exciting features and experiences await.
          Thirty five years before Red set out on his journey to be the champion, another tale awaits in Kanto. Two budding trainers and friends set forth on a journey never before seen in a story of friendship, love, loss and heartache. Explore through the region that started it all and find out what it was like before the Great War when Team Rocket was ruled by Giovanni’s mother, Madame Boss. Same locale, but with new twists. Find even brand new areas of Kanto not yet seen.
Pallet Town 2.0_2

Current work-in-progress of Kanto, as it is seen in Generation 0



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Choose Sam, with his partner Nidoran(m),
or Agatha, with her companion Gastly!

Not unlike Pokemon Yellow, you have a starter based on the character of your choosing which lends to the story, atmosphere and environment of the game. Also lending to Yellow’s content choices, you will find anime references and a unique story.

No more are the days of choosing male or female and having them silently undergo the same exact experiences
Particle Effects

Particle Effects! Oh, and your Pokemon follow you!


A full, RPG-level, quest system!  You can keep your Pokemon in their ball, too.




Books will have actual substance and presentation, just like the ones you’d find in the Elder Scrolls series!


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Brand new, realistic, battle backgrounds!!! Plus, new up-ressed Pokemon sprites for an updated Gen-1 feel!


Check out a gameply video here!!