Hiya Doods!


Now that my torrid love affair with Fallout 4 is now back down to a sensual sizzle, I’m back on the ball with development!  Had about a two and a half week break there… That’s what happens when you’ve been waiting for a sequel for 4 and a half years of a series you’ve been playing since you were like 7-8 XD  Yes, everyone, there were Fallout titles before Fallout 3… Buuuut, I digress.

Demo progress!!  Since I really want this demo to be comprehensive, in addition to the most recent re-mapping of the game I have done(and the last!) I’m kind of ‘re-mapping’ on the events and dialogue, too. More than 70% of the opening dialogue has been re-written, polished, moved around etc.

I’ve also been tweaking game flow and progression as well. With my check marks(though some are done quickly, some will take time, so this is purely a numbers thing), I’m 1/3 of the way done! 10 things done and 21 to go. Well, after writing it out, I’ve 18 things done. But not all of those are in my notebook :p I just remember some of them from the goals I had for the demo.  Also 25 things needing to be done lol. But yay progress!

Beyond this to-do list, there is a lot more that has been done as well. Don’t think just what I list here is all that’s been worked on. This is just what I was on the ball with and forced myself to organize and write down XD Hahahaha. As I do open development, where I try to keep you guys updated on everything as it happens, I’d like to just let you know all of what’s been done since I’ve made my checklist, and what’s happening next.


What’s Been Done

  • Re-write and finish the conversation with Agatha and Ben(her Dad)
  • Re-write and finish the conversation with Agatha and Maude(her Mom)
  • Test the conversations for the cut-ins and spelling
  • Block the James Quest(Road’s Topography) from starting until you’ve spoken with the instructor Bill and taken all 3 lessons.
  • Add dialogue for Bill so he references James and the situation, so it brings the player’s attention to check that out.
  • Add in the lesson 2 quiz event foundation
  • Finish the dialogue re-writes with Sam and Agatha and test.
  • Make quest classifications for EXP and other rewards
  • Take out the \pn: spots before you enter your player nickname.
  • Move the nicknaming to the spot where you’re talking to sam
    • Note! Now, only Sam will refer to you by your nickname. This was a design shift, because random people wouldn’t know your childhood nickname on the spot, and I wanted it to be something more indicative of their friendship. So other NPCs will refer to you as Agatha/Aggy.
    • This will be similarly handled for Sam, where only Agatha will call him by his nickname.
  • Make it where you receive the Pokejournal from Sam.
    • Right now it is Pokedex, but when it is made it will be the Pokejournal that will have a section for the Pokemon.
  • Implement the new way of handling books.
  • Fix the Pokedex Crash
    • this came and went after the .6.18b update, so don’t worry about it :p
  • Fix the crash when talking to Pokemon.
  • Fix the crashes when talking to certain NPCs in the wrong direction, when they are scripted to move after talking.
    • Robert in Pallet Town
    • The Academy bullies in Viridian City
  • Implement the new cut-ins for Sam, Agatha, Maude and Ben.
  • Make it where you receive the running shoes after doing Bill’s lessons in Viridian City
  • Lower EXP gains by 20%

Quite a bit done so far! I will be trying to do update videos as well here, soon. Both of the devlog nature and also showing how the game looks now. Below I will list out what I still need to do for the demo update.

What Needs to be Done Yet

  • Add the EXP rewards to current quests
    • I have all of the numbers ironed out(did those at work :p), just need to apply them to the quests.
  • Test out the EXP reduction and quest EXP for balance.
  • Go over the encounters in Viridian Forest
  • Change the trade event in Viridian City Pokecenter
    • Paras or Tangela are the current ideas
  • Change the Viridian City shop to be closed until the quest(Thief in the Night) she gives is completed.
  • Go over Miyamoto and update dialogue.
  • Make more events based on the days of the week for the bench in Pallet Town
  • Add schedules for NPCs
    • Robert
    • Natasha and her hubby
    • Ben and Maude
    • Claire and Steve
    • Also ones for Viridian, but that may be saved for a future update.
  • Add the hidden thing for certain signs.
    • Not gonna tell you specifics cuz, secret :p
  • Add a ‘treasure map’ that is crudely drawn.
    • This would be drawn badly on purpose, and lead to a hidden item or something else.
  • Add a quest to Route 1
    • I’m thinking of making the first trainer you fight give the quest.
  • Make another quest given by the guy on R2 who gives the Carry Your Pidgey On quest, and where he gives you _________.
    • It’s secret! :p
  • Finish adding events to Viridian City
  • Add more quests to Viridian City
  • Populate Viridian Forest
  • Populate Pewter City
  • Add a trainer to Route 2
  • Map out the cave in Pewter City that leads to the PC and gym
  • Map out the gym
  • Add in Donor-Jared’s trainer to Viridian Forest with his event.
  • Add people to the empty house in the middle of Pallet Town
  • Map out and populate the house in Pallet Town in the Southwest.
  • Add a quest to that house
  • Add chain-fetch quest in Pallet.
  • and more I can’t think of :p


So yeah! There ya have it! 😀  Things are going smoothly and I will keep you guys updated as I get more of the list finished. As long as I keep my momentum, this won’t take too long, either!

Thank you all for your patience! It’s been a hectic winter season, but things should be smoothing out again soon and whatnot. I can’t wait to get this update out and begin work on getting Sam’s Story released!!!

Thanks, and stay tuned!