Hey all!!!

Sooooo…. Big news… PATREON!! 😀 


This is just an enormous step for me as a developer in TBC Productions. It’s a great opportunity for myself and my team to expand our horizons, get better equipment and software for development, giveaways for contests, and ultimately a plan to hopefully get enough support to work on development full time! But I don’t want to repeat everything I put on the Patreon page. Check it out here! As of the time this post was made, I have 14 Patrons with $26 a month!


With this comes a big shift in my media presence. I need to re-align importance on what is posted and where. The first, and most important, thing is that I want to give love back on the website here. I’ve woefully neglected it over the past year, and I want to change that! This is supposed to be the central hub for information on Generation 0, and I want it to reflect that.

I’ve gotten the foundations set for the new navigation on the website. I have a section for The Kanto Region, where it is a mini-walkthrough as well as a get-to-know-the-locale thing. If you have questions on various areas, want to see screenshots of them, and maybe get some hints on where to go in said area, go there!

Additionally, I will now have a great and succinct way of showing the Developer Diaries posted here. Along with the cascading menu with The Kanto Region, you just simply hover over Developer Diaries, and then click the year you want to visit. From there, I will have it organized by month and name of Dev Diary. Quite nice now!

Lastly, I’ll be getting the Pokejournal set up. This will be the ‘Pokedex’. I’ll list all of the Pokemon in Geneeration 0 that will be available, and give you guys an idea of hints on how many original Pokemon I plan on adding 🙂 Again, long overdue, but getting done!


This will all be in an effort to re-direct importance where it is needed. I plan on writing 2-4 Dev Diaries a month that will strictly mean business. You want to just hear about Gen 0 and nothing else and get the run-down? Keep track of the website here. Secondly, the Youtube page and Patreon will be the next most important for organic and non-shared posts. I’ll be doing more videos and posts about them, and I will be posting on Patreon much like I have been on Facebook, just a little less often.

Patrons will get more sneak-peeks and early access to ideas and things so they can have a more direct influence on development. Often I will leak something on Patreon, and I will share something related, but minus the juicy details, on FB with a link to the Patreon page 😉

Facebook will still be important, and I will be posting on it quite a bit. Just with more links and shares from other media outlets. I do plan on having my team have more presence on the Facebook page as well, so they can post about their work individually and whatnot. Facebook is going to become much more colloquial than it was before, along with Twitter. Patreon will still include posts for everyone as well!


So yeah, here we go! Lots of big changes coming up, but they’re gonna be awesome! Thank you so much for your continued support!