Hey doods!

So, what’s been up this month? If you saw the last devlog, New Patreon and Website Updates, great! Otherwise, I have some content action to throw at ya. After doing the recent re-mapping of everything(for the last time, I promise! :s ), I decided that it’d be time to give the same treatment to the dialogue and progression.


You can move around during the Pidgeotto event now!

The biggest changes have been into the dialogue. In v0.6.18b, you really only spoke with your Mom in the beginning and continued on after that. In the new opening, you have to talk to both your Mom and your Dad. The conversations themselves are more detailed and cover more of the story. I also moved around the dialogue with Sam, that you have when you get Gastly. On top of that, I moved around some of the progression for the early game.



Cut-ins have been revamped! Shiro has done a bunch of amazing work by redoing all of the cut-ins as well as battle images!Battle 2




They look much more smooth, crisp, and detailed. It aligns much better to the artistic direction in which I want to take Generation 0, and it just looks awesome!

More re-vamping all around!



Now, you must go through Bill’s lessons before completing the Road’s Topography quest(the one with the drunk James) and then go back home to check with your parents. You don’t have to double trip, though! You can go through Bill’s lessons, and then start the quest with James and head to Pallet Town to kill two birds with one stone.

A bunch of the dialogue was re-written, moved around, changed and connected to aid for the flow of the game. This is an RPG, so there will be more dialogue than you’d expect in a main entry Pokemon game. On top of all of that, more flavor and secrets have been added 🙂 More NPCs have schedules and things like that, too.

And along with the overworld re-map and the re-mapping of dialogue and such, the insides were given a makeover as well!


Awesome house insides!

I wanted to give it a much more open feel. With me adding more rooms per house, making everything a separate black screen transition just got to be a pain more than anything.

Now, each level of a house is seen like this. You can explore it all without a separate transition. However, going upstairs still requires a map change.


So yeah. Here’s a little progress update for you all to give you a taste on what is being worked on! Currently, I am working diligently to add schedules to the NPCs of Pallet Town to enliven the location. NEVER believe that back-tracking is a waste. You will often miss things you didn’t see the first time through an area if you come at a new time. I will have many quests tethered to certain times of day, or days of the week. Plus, NPCs will travel cities! You may get hints to other quests early, or simply get more flavor and information about the inhabitants in the world you’re exploring 🙂

I hope you guys are as excited about the next release as I am! I’ve decided to make a surprise release here within the next 2 weeks. This will not include the populating of Pewter City. But don’t fret! There will still be a ton of other stuff to do 🙂

As always, thanks and stay tuned!