Hey guys!


It’s been awhile! As usual, life is quite hectic and being an adult sucks. lol. However, progress continues and the public demo is upon us! I expect it by the end of August. I will go over some of the major updates that have happened, and what’s left before I update.

Big Updates So Far

  • The Essentials Kit has been updated to v16.2.
    • This means there is now an individual music and sound effects slider
    • There is an option in the options menu for default run toggling
    • More screen sizes!
    • A nifty border
    • A full screen mode
  • The dynamic Darkness feature has been overhauled, now with multiple options for performance.
  • More music!
  • The recent re-mapping of the game has been completed with all of the aesthetics added in.
  • Literally about 70% of the dialogue in the game so far has been re-written
  • Some balance tweaks have been made
  • more quests!
  • Viridian Forest is fully populated with a quest and a hidden area!
    • In just about every route and area you go to will be secret areas. These will be separate maps you enter by walking into something, or interacting with something and will have special Pokemon there.
    • sometimes these will be dependent on the time of day or other things like quests and books.
  • Miniboss Pokemon have been added!
    • This is a feature to give extra challenges to the player, a way to give exp to the whole party and ultimately open up a fun way to get hidden abilities and egg moves for Pokemon. Play the game to find out more!
  • Many cut-ins have been up-ressed
  • Pallet Town is filled out with two new buildings in Pallet Town
  • The Pallet House! This is a restaurant in Pallet Town that doesn’t have much in the way of content right now, aside from some cool time-of-day events, but will have much to do later!
  • Much more! 😀

Things Needed for the Public Update

  • Balance testing and tweaking for Viridian Forest
  • The Populating of Pewter City
  • Some more dialogue re-writing
  • polish
  • Another quest or two in Viridian Forest
  • Two quests in Pewter City
  • The gym cave map for Pewter City.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a long time, and in that time I’ve moved more than once and switched jobs and have had a lot go on. I thank you all for your support while my team and I have worked hard to get this update out to you all.

More and more foundational things are being completed, and the game is nearly feature-complete as far as coding things go for big features(look forward to the Pokejournal and menu UI overhaul coming in the future!). Development is only going to go more smoothly from here forward.

Once Agatha’s Story is updated publicly to include Pewter City, it should take me about two months to catch up Sam’s Story to that point, as I will need to re-write many conversations and events to be from his perspective, and also add some unique variances to his game. They have their own adventure, after all!


So yeah. Thank you again for your support, and thanks to my wonderful Patrons I know can pay for my slack.com membership for my team as well as starting to do giveaways! Soon I will be doing a giveaway for Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire to someone. This will most likely be a forum contest. So keep an eye out!

Thanks, and stay tuned!