CONTEST(open): WIN a FREE copy of Sun/Moon!

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CONTEST TIMEFRAME: Monday December 12, 2016 – Friday December 23, 2016

Do you want a free copy of Sun or Moon?

Go to the forums! Register on the forums HERE.

Once you sign up, find out how below!!

Hey guys! This is the second official giveaway contest! The first(of 3) Sun and Moon giveaways 😀

brought to you (more than just) in part by my awesome Patrons!!! This couldn’t be done without you guys; I love you!



The Prize:

  • A free copy of Sun or Moon; your choice! The winner will be contacted on the forums and an email will be sent as well. I will then get your shipping information and order the game through Amazon to ship to you.

The When:

  • This contest will run from Monday December 12, 2016 to Friday December 23, 2016.  No exceptions.
  • The Winner will be announced on Sunday December 25, 2016.

The Where:

  • As all giveaway contests will be for the time being, this contest will exclusively be on the forums.

The Why:

  • My awesome Patrons!
  • Because I like giving people shit!
  • To get more activity on the forums!

The How:

  • To be eligible for an entry in the contest, you must meet four conditions.
    • Make a post of your favorite memory with Gen 0, or if you have not played the demo, your favorite memory from another Pokémon game(in any forum except random talk and spammy spam.)
    • Some Suggestions are… Gen 0 General Discussion, 3DS-Era discussion, your creative side with Writer’s Unite, or talk about other games in the Video Games forum.
    • Make a thread about your best creative moment of making something, or what would be your favorite three course meal(in any forum except random talk and spammy spam.)
    • Respond to two other people’s threads that were made from the above conditions.
    • Keep on top of responding to your own thread if there are responses.
  • Your threads and responses must have substance. If your post does not have any modicum of thought put into it(my favorite food is mac’n’cheese.  — I said three course meal.), and is done lackadaisically, you will be disqualified. This does not mean it has to be extremely long. It just needs be appropriate for the context.
  • Once you have met these conditions, please link me to your threads via PM on the forum or as a DM to FB. If you make more responses, you don’t need to keep sending them to me. I’ll keep track of that.
  • Anyone who meets these conditions and lets me know during this timeframe will be entered in the virtual ‘hat’ for a drawing to win. If you are especially active, you may get a second entry.
  • I will pick someone at random when the contest is up and announce it on Christmas 🙂
  • I will purchase the game one week after the contest ends, on Sunday January 1, 2017 or Monday January 2, 2017. I will keep track of the winner, and if you do not continue to be active at least on your own threads, you will be disqualified.

I hope to see you guys around!!! Let’s make this a thriving community, and get the giving flowing!

I will be hosting 3-5 more giveaways for Sun and Moon to give ample time while it’s relevant 🙂


I will run one contest a month and possibly another contest in the month for a smaller, Steam game or something.

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