Progression and Dialogue Revamp!

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Hey doods!

So, what’s been up this month? If you saw the last devlog, New Patreon and Website Updates, great! Otherwise, I have some content action to throw at ya. After doing the recent re-mapping of everything(for the last time, I promise! :s ), I decided that it’d be time to give the same treatment to the dialogue and progression.


You can move around during the Pidgeotto event now!

The biggest changes have been into the dialogue. In v0.6.18b, you really only spoke with your Mom in the beginning and continued on after that. In the new opening, you have to talk to both your Mom and your Dad. The conversations themselves are more detailed and cover more of the story. I also moved around the dialogue with Sam, that you have when you get Gastly. On top of that, I moved around some of the progression for the early game.



Cut-ins have been revamped! Shiro has done a bunch of amazing work by redoing all of the cut-ins as well as battle images!Battle 2




They look much more smooth, crisp, and detailed. It aligns much better to the artistic direction in which I want to take Generation 0, and it just looks awesome!

More re-vamping all around!



Now, you must go through Bill’s lessons before completing the Road’s Topography quest(the one with the drunk James) and then go back home to check with your parents. You don’t have to double trip, though! You can go through Bill’s lessons, and then start the quest with James and head to Pallet Town to kill two birds with one stone.

A bunch of the dialogue was re-written, moved around, changed and connected to aid for the flow of the game. This is an RPG, so there will be more dialogue than you’d expect in a main entry Pokemon game. On top of all of that, more flavor and secrets have been added 🙂 More NPCs have schedules and things like that, too.

And along with the overworld re-map and the re-mapping of dialogue and such, the insides were given a makeover as well!


Awesome house insides!

I wanted to give it a much more open feel. With me adding more rooms per house, making everything a separate black screen transition just got to be a pain more than anything.

Now, each level of a house is seen like this. You can explore it all without a separate transition. However, going upstairs still requires a map change.


So yeah. Here’s a little progress update for you all to give you a taste on what is being worked on! Currently, I am working diligently to add schedules to the NPCs of Pallet Town to enliven the location. NEVER believe that back-tracking is a waste. You will often miss things you didn’t see the first time through an area if you come at a new time. I will have many quests tethered to certain times of day, or days of the week. Plus, NPCs will travel cities! You may get hints to other quests early, or simply get more flavor and information about the inhabitants in the world you’re exploring 🙂

I hope you guys are as excited about the next release as I am! I’ve decided to make a surprise release here within the next 2 weeks. This will not include the populating of Pewter City. But don’t fret! There will still be a ton of other stuff to do 🙂

As always, thanks and stay tuned!


New Patreon and Website Updates!

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Hey all!!!

Sooooo…. Big news… PATREON!! 😀 


This is just an enormous step for me as a developer in TBC Productions. It’s a great opportunity for myself and my team to expand our horizons, get better equipment and software for development, giveaways for contests, and ultimately a plan to hopefully get enough support to work on development full time! But I don’t want to repeat everything I put on the Patreon page. Check it out here! As of the time this post was made, I have 14 Patrons with $26 a month!


With this comes a big shift in my media presence. I need to re-align importance on what is posted and where. The first, and most important, thing is that I want to give love back on the website here. I’ve woefully neglected it over the past year, and I want to change that! This is supposed to be the central hub for information on Generation 0, and I want it to reflect that.

I’ve gotten the foundations set for the new navigation on the website. I have a section for The Kanto Region, where it is a mini-walkthrough as well as a get-to-know-the-locale thing. If you have questions on various areas, want to see screenshots of them, and maybe get some hints on where to go in said area, go there!

Additionally, I will now have a great and succinct way of showing the Developer Diaries posted here. Along with the cascading menu with The Kanto Region, you just simply hover over Developer Diaries, and then click the year you want to visit. From there, I will have it organized by month and name of Dev Diary. Quite nice now!

Lastly, I’ll be getting the Pokejournal set up. This will be the ‘Pokedex’. I’ll list all of the Pokemon in Geneeration 0 that will be available, and give you guys an idea of hints on how many original Pokemon I plan on adding 🙂 Again, long overdue, but getting done!


This will all be in an effort to re-direct importance where it is needed. I plan on writing 2-4 Dev Diaries a month that will strictly mean business. You want to just hear about Gen 0 and nothing else and get the run-down? Keep track of the website here. Secondly, the Youtube page and Patreon will be the next most important for organic and non-shared posts. I’ll be doing more videos and posts about them, and I will be posting on Patreon much like I have been on Facebook, just a little less often.

Patrons will get more sneak-peeks and early access to ideas and things so they can have a more direct influence on development. Often I will leak something on Patreon, and I will share something related, but minus the juicy details, on FB with a link to the Patreon page 😉

Facebook will still be important, and I will be posting on it quite a bit. Just with more links and shares from other media outlets. I do plan on having my team have more presence on the Facebook page as well, so they can post about their work individually and whatnot. Facebook is going to become much more colloquial than it was before, along with Twitter. Patreon will still include posts for everyone as well!


So yeah, here we go! Lots of big changes coming up, but they’re gonna be awesome! Thank you so much for your continued support!

Progress on Upcoming Alpha .7 Update

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Hiya Doods!


Now that my torrid love affair with Fallout 4 is now back down to a sensual sizzle, I’m back on the ball with development!  Had about a two and a half week break there… That’s what happens when you’ve been waiting for a sequel for 4 and a half years of a series you’ve been playing since you were like 7-8 XD  Yes, everyone, there were Fallout titles before Fallout 3… Buuuut, I digress.

Demo progress!!  Since I really want this demo to be comprehensive, in addition to the most recent re-mapping of the game I have done(and the last!) I’m kind of ‘re-mapping’ on the events and dialogue, too. More than 70% of the opening dialogue has been re-written, polished, moved around etc.

I’ve also been tweaking game flow and progression as well. With my check marks(though some are done quickly, some will take time, so this is purely a numbers thing), I’m 1/3 of the way done! 10 things done and 21 to go. Well, after writing it out, I’ve 18 things done. But not all of those are in my notebook :p I just remember some of them from the goals I had for the demo.  Also 25 things needing to be done lol. But yay progress!

Beyond this to-do list, there is a lot more that has been done as well. Don’t think just what I list here is all that’s been worked on. This is just what I was on the ball with and forced myself to organize and write down XD Hahahaha. As I do open development, where I try to keep you guys updated on everything as it happens, I’d like to just let you know all of what’s been done since I’ve made my checklist, and what’s happening next.


What’s Been Done

  • Re-write and finish the conversation with Agatha and Ben(her Dad)
  • Re-write and finish the conversation with Agatha and Maude(her Mom)
  • Test the conversations for the cut-ins and spelling
  • Block the James Quest(Road’s Topography) from starting until you’ve spoken with the instructor Bill and taken all 3 lessons.
  • Add dialogue for Bill so he references James and the situation, so it brings the player’s attention to check that out.
  • Add in the lesson 2 quiz event foundation
  • Finish the dialogue re-writes with Sam and Agatha and test.
  • Make quest classifications for EXP and other rewards
  • Take out the \pn: spots before you enter your player nickname.
  • Move the nicknaming to the spot where you’re talking to sam
    • Note! Now, only Sam will refer to you by your nickname. This was a design shift, because random people wouldn’t know your childhood nickname on the spot, and I wanted it to be something more indicative of their friendship. So other NPCs will refer to you as Agatha/Aggy.
    • This will be similarly handled for Sam, where only Agatha will call him by his nickname.
  • Make it where you receive the Pokejournal from Sam.
    • Right now it is Pokedex, but when it is made it will be the Pokejournal that will have a section for the Pokemon.
  • Implement the new way of handling books.
  • Fix the Pokedex Crash
    • this came and went after the .6.18b update, so don’t worry about it :p
  • Fix the crash when talking to Pokemon.
  • Fix the crashes when talking to certain NPCs in the wrong direction, when they are scripted to move after talking.
    • Robert in Pallet Town
    • The Academy bullies in Viridian City
  • Implement the new cut-ins for Sam, Agatha, Maude and Ben.
  • Make it where you receive the running shoes after doing Bill’s lessons in Viridian City
  • Lower EXP gains by 20%

Quite a bit done so far! I will be trying to do update videos as well here, soon. Both of the devlog nature and also showing how the game looks now. Below I will list out what I still need to do for the demo update.

What Needs to be Done Yet

  • Add the EXP rewards to current quests
    • I have all of the numbers ironed out(did those at work :p), just need to apply them to the quests.
  • Test out the EXP reduction and quest EXP for balance.
  • Go over the encounters in Viridian Forest
  • Change the trade event in Viridian City Pokecenter
    • Paras or Tangela are the current ideas
  • Change the Viridian City shop to be closed until the quest(Thief in the Night) she gives is completed.
  • Go over Miyamoto and update dialogue.
  • Make more events based on the days of the week for the bench in Pallet Town
  • Add schedules for NPCs
    • Robert
    • Natasha and her hubby
    • Ben and Maude
    • Claire and Steve
    • Also ones for Viridian, but that may be saved for a future update.
  • Add the hidden thing for certain signs.
    • Not gonna tell you specifics cuz, secret :p
  • Add a ‘treasure map’ that is crudely drawn.
    • This would be drawn badly on purpose, and lead to a hidden item or something else.
  • Add a quest to Route 1
    • I’m thinking of making the first trainer you fight give the quest.
  • Make another quest given by the guy on R2 who gives the Carry Your Pidgey On quest, and where he gives you _________.
    • It’s secret! :p
  • Finish adding events to Viridian City
  • Add more quests to Viridian City
  • Populate Viridian Forest
  • Populate Pewter City
  • Add a trainer to Route 2
  • Map out the cave in Pewter City that leads to the PC and gym
  • Map out the gym
  • Add in Donor-Jared’s trainer to Viridian Forest with his event.
  • Add people to the empty house in the middle of Pallet Town
  • Map out and populate the house in Pallet Town in the Southwest.
  • Add a quest to that house
  • Add chain-fetch quest in Pallet.
  • and more I can’t think of :p


So yeah! There ya have it! 😀  Things are going smoothly and I will keep you guys updated as I get more of the list finished. As long as I keep my momentum, this won’t take too long, either!

Thank you all for your patience! It’s been a hectic winter season, but things should be smoothing out again soon and whatnot. I can’t wait to get this update out and begin work on getting Sam’s Story released!!!

Thanks, and stay tuned!


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(If you’re a lazy bum, scroll down passed the book and read there for the meat of the article!)

RPGs and Pokemon! Who doesn’t love quests!  Well… If you don’t, you’re probably not at the right place. But I digress. If you’re privy to my design philosophy, you will know that I am creating Generation 0 with the mindset of it being first a JRPG, and second a Pokemon game. Essentially, it is Pokemon as if it were made to be a full-fledged, single player, RPG experience instead of what it is now. This game is being created by a fan who grew up with Pokemon and played it when it first came out at 7 years old. A fan who is now 25 years old and is still in love with both Pokemon and RPGs. So I want to meld those two worlds together and create something amazing and new, while still hearkening back to nostalgia.

So, what is a staple of RPGs?  You guessed it, quests! And it was the title of the article here… Hehe. Anywho, quests are something that is ingrained in every RPG out there. Including Pokemon, even. They’re just handled in various forms in each iteration of design.

I personally love the types of quests you find in the Elder Scrolls series. More-so in Morrowind than the latter installments. I absolutely despise quest markers. Anyway, I loved having a quest journal, seeing my quests and getting that tangible start and end and the bonuses that come after. This is one feature I find pivotal for Generation 0.

So, as stated, I am going to have a fully integrated quest system implemented. You’ll start a quest, receive a notification that it’s begun(like you’ve seen in the pic above with Road’s Topography) and then you will be able to access your Pokejournal for information on the quest. When you complete it, you get a notification, a stock EXP reward, and possibly other rewards as well.

What’s the Pokejournal? You may be asking. That is going to take the place of the Pokedex. It will act as the Pokedex itself, and also have sections for Quest journals and the staples of RPGs with an encyclopedia on people and whatnot, too. Plus maybe more!

Experience on every quest? Might that be too much? Well, I’ve thought of that. Engaging Difficulty is one of the tenets of design I follow. There is my feature called Gym Lock, for instance, which curbs EXP gains. When you enter a gym, it locks the doors and auto-saves. You must beat every trainer in one go or lose and start over, from trainer 1. But. If you lose, the next time you go through the gym you earn no experience. Not from a trainer or the leader.

Additionally, I’m toying around with the numbers though, I will be reducing exp gains across the board by 20%. These two reductions may seem like a lot. However, when you start thinking in an RPG mindset, it’s actually evens out. I will be having a lot of quests. And I mean a lot. There are going to be main story quests, side quests, hidden quests, quests that open after other quests are done, and possible repeated quests. Quests galore! Plus, I also have the Book feature, which will be explained further in another devlog. But you can find EXP books, much like the Elder Scrolls Series.

BOOK! Here is an example book you can find in the game! Every bookshelf will have books to read!

Now, if you’re still here and haven’t rage-quit, you’re probably wondering how the quest rewards work. There are two types of bonuses from quests: static and dynamic. Static Rewards are Experience Points and Dynamic Rewards are the items and other bonuses you receive from quests. Each quest will have be categorized by level and grade. Both of these classifications affect the Static Reward received.

Static Reward:

The Experience Group Medium Fast is used as my control, as it is the most basic and average function;  x3 = Total EXP, where X is the level of the Pokemon. So, a level 100 Pokemon would need 1 million(1,000,000) experience to get to that level. First, I must find the experience needed to level a Pokemon from X to X. To get this, I take the higher level cubed and subtract the lower level cubed.
For instance, 8373  = 169(the exp to level a Medium Fast Group Pokemon to level eight, from seven).

Using the above example, let us take a Grade D, level 7 quest. Or, 7D(169 exp). The level classification is primary, and the grade augments the primary amount.

The grading system scales the experience given, depending on the difficulty of the quest. After calculating experience needed for a level, the grade takes a percentage of that amount and that is the yield of EXP for said quest. In ascending order from F to A, it is 15% per grade.

For a 7D quest, this means it will give an experience yield equivalent to 30% of the experience needed to level a Pokemon from the Medium Fast group from level seven to eight.

“F” is 15%, so “D” is 30%. D takes 30% of this, which is 50.7. Rounding that up, you get 51 EXP given from a 7D(level 7, classification D) quest.

Each quest is going to have a level associated to it and a grade classification. This way, I am able to take a quest, define it, and it will automatically have experience tied to it that it will give.

Dynamic Rewards:

So, now you know that a 7D quest will give 51xp. You’re wondering, what else? Good question! This classification is so broad, due to the fact of the nature of the rewards. Some quests will simply give you some money for completing it, some people may give you items, and some will even give you Pokemon! There are a wide variety of Dynamic Rewards to receive from quests. Given that, I won’t go into terrible detail on them.

Often, they will be tailored to the quest. For instance, in the Carry Your Pidgey On(Carrier Pidgeon, get it?) quest, you must catch Jamie five Pidgey for his carrier Pidgey service. It takes some Pokeballs and time, so he ends up giving you two great balls and a potion for your troubles.

capture038He is located on Route 2!


In Rattata in the Cellar,you are given some of the foodwares in Robert’s basement, since you saved them. They happen to be some rare berries!

capture040Robert is located in the Northeast part of Pallet Town!

So the Dynamic Rewards really depend the quest itself and what the rewards should entail. I plan on some giving random items based on a leveled list and some being specific rewards.

So each and every quest will give a Static Reward and a Dynamic Reward. This will take a lot of the annoying grinding out of things and help it be more dynamic and fun. Of course, if you couldn’t tell, you get to pick which Pokemon gets the EXP. So you could give the EXP of a level 30 quest on a level 5 Pokemon.

I really hope you like the quest system!!!! Look forward to our next installments on breakable items!!!!  I hope you love the ways this game is going to be more like an RPG. I know I do!
Thanks, and stay tuned!


Articy Draft(Got it!)

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EDIT:  Whoo! A fan actually gifted me this on Steam! I will be working with this program coming up after the next demo update to see how it can fit with Gen 0 development, and will certainly be using for any future projects!


Hey all!


I’m always looking for ways to help manage Generation 0 and design it more fluidly.  I was pretty psyched when I found Articy: Draft (HERE‘S the Steam version).   It’s a visual design tool for dynamic stories and characters. It helps with non-linear designs and stuff.   I downloaded the trial version, and it’s amazing!  I really think it could help with the design and production of Gen 0!  Also, I could use it on future, original, products 😀

Anywho…. There’s a catch, of course. It’s pretty expensive :/   Of course I’m going to be saving up for it myself and going to try and get it.   But I have quite a lot of bills and just moved and all that. Money is tight!   Any help from you guys here would be absolutely wonderful.

If you would like to generally donate to my Paypal to help me save up, that’d be awesome!
CLICK HERE to donate.

If you would like, you could also gift me the program on Steam(where I would like to buy it) 😀
CLICK HERE to be taken to my wishlist on Steam. The program and the upgrade are #1 and #2 on my list.

I’ll keep you updated!
Thanks, and stay tuned!

Update Sunday (03/01/2015)!

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Hi all!

By the way, this means March 1st. I write dates the way we do in America. Get over it :p

Alpha v0.0.6.9!

As the title says, there will be a new update coming on Sunday. The current version is .6.7, the new version will be .6.9. As always, the main download page on the website will automatically be updated. When playing, if you see the picture listed below, where it says lag fix, then you will have the wrong version.

intro3As the website will update, so will the picture that is shown in-game. The newest version will have the build number reflected on the download page and in the game. This will always be the case, and there should be no questions about which current build is available, since the most current build will always be on the download page. When v.6.9 comes out, you will see the picture posted below in-game instead(click it to see full resolution!).


New Save File?

Unfortunately, this update will require a save file. Unless you have done all of the quests and are currently just exploring and stuff. Then, maybe it may not mess it up. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. This update will need a new save file.

What’s New?

Quest stuff:

Well, the way quests are handled and how RPG Maker XP grabs the data is fundamentally different. Quests are read, as they were before, through a text file where RMXP grabs the information and applies it as data for the quests. However, recently, Kvagram whipped up something wonderful with XML and now RMXP can use that for the quests. Below is a screenshot of this information in action with the awesome program, Notepad++

Screenshot 2015-02-24 18.50.38

Given that the way RMXP grabs information to process the quests is vastly different, and the coding itself and the commands I even use in the events themselves are different, this requires a new saved game. Unless you want to break your file and make it where you can’t do quests and stuff. Then by all means keep going :p

However, if you have done all of the quests(6 in all) you can feel free to continue playing when you update it.


Quest rewards and dialogue have been updated and new dialogue has been added. Additionally, the new quest notification feature has been integrated.  Robert’s house in Pallet Town has a quest with two new rooms, and other map changes and tileset changes have been implemented.

Additionally, other dialogue has been added, such as more night/day options and some new NPCs in various locations. A new trainer battle has been added to Route 22 as well. The shop has been updated and the cheap demo-only items have been taken away and one new item has been added. Lastly, there are more of us team members in the game besides Shiro now(she’s located in Agatha’s house). See which ones you can find! Of course there are other minor changes and tweaks as well.


Anyway, it’s been a big and busy week with some awesome updates! This should put the quest system in a more final state, so there shouldn’t be a major need for save-wipes until we implement the Pokejournal feature. Version .6.10 will have some more map-side updates with Viridian Forest and Pewter City.
Thanks, and stay tuned!

New Quest System!


Hey all!

Been awhile since I’ve done a good Dev Diary update, so I am getting on that! Today, there’s been some awesome updates to the quest system in Gen 0! As most of you should know, Generation 0 is an RPG. Not just a Pokemon game. With that, quests are vital to the game.

Throughout Gen 0, you’ll do a lot of story-related quests, much like in the normal games.  However, I am gonna have a lot of side quests as well. Even secret ones. Kvagram has wonderfully coded in a great quest system where I can define quests, give quest descriptions as well as objective descriptions, all the while laying the foundation for the Pokejournal.

The Pokejournal is going to replace the Pokedex. It will include all of the info/features the dex has(pretty much) while also doubling as your quest journal. It will work like the quest journal does in Skyrim and stuff. Where you can flip through pages, have an index and select the quests etc.  This is big, since it is a brand new and unique feature for Gen 0, and allows for a LOT of freedom with design.

For instance, with the James drunk guy quest(It will be called ‘Road’s Topography, in-game) where you have to find his Pick-me-up for him is a story quest. However, it does have an alternative way of completing the quest. But it is completely hidden. Many quests will have hidden ways of completing them that you have to explore to find.

With that, and the fact that I like visual cues, I’m adding in a fun little way of showing when a quest starts. You will get a visual notification when the quest starts, and when it ends. Also, if you find a hidden objective it will pop up and let you know.

    • The UI for the quest start is not finished
    • you can move around while the quest marker thing is up on-screen


That’s it for now!  Fun stuff!! 😀
Stay Tuned!

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