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Alpha March 28, 2017



This Update Has


  • The giant update from March 2015 to March 2017
  • Fixed a bug with Joey and June in the Pokemon Academy.
  • Added in descriptions to the Hale Residence in Pallet.
  • Finished dialogue for Karen and Eric.
  • Updated dialogue with Agatha and Ben in various scenes.
  • Updated opening scene with Agatha in her room.
  • Fixed the picture interaction in Sam and Agatha’s house.
  • New Pause Menu icons!
  • Fixed an A-bug in the current-day opening scene
  • Fixed some scheduling issues with Karen and Eric.


Wanna discuss the game/Do a Let’s Play?

  • If you have any suggestions, head to the Gen 0 Suggestions Forum.
  • If you would like to just discuss the game as a whole, or talk about your experiences with it, you can make threads at the General Discussion Forum
  • If you find any bugs and would like to report them… You can post a thread after viewing other bug threads so you don’t make duplicate reports at the Alpha Bug Reports Forum.
  • If you want to introduce yourself to the forum community and be welcomed by other awesome nerds, go to the New Trainers Forum.
  • You’re welcome to make a Let’s Play, but please be sure to include the main website link, forum and youtube link in your video’s description!!! 
    • Also, be sure to post your video on our FB page!



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How to Download/Play

  • Download the zipped game folder from the links located below. 
  • Right click the file you downloaded and select ‘extract’.
    • You may need to download the program 7zip to extract.
  • Choose the destination you want the main game folder to be.
  • Open the game folder where you’ll see a lot of files and icons.
  • Double click the Orange Sun icon thingy, game.exe
  • Nothing’s needed! No emulators! Enjoy!


This game includes one or more fonts…

  • You need to into the folder for Generation 0 you’ve downloaded
  • go into the Fonts Folder
  • In another folder, open your computer’s fonts folder.
    • You can find this by searching in the start menu on your computer, or by going into your control panel.
  • Go to the Gen 0 Fonts folder and select all and copy
    • Do Ctrl+a and then Ctrl+c, or highlight a square over all of the icons with your mouse and right click —-> copy
  • Paste them into your computer’s fonts folder
  • You’re good to go!


Updating from a Previous Version?

  • Delete/uninstall ALL previous Gen 0 related files before updating.
  • Download the demo and refer to the directions above to get the game extracted.
  • Just simply start a new game and save over your previous file.
  • If you can keep your previous save, I will let you know in this section!! 🙂



Known Issues

  • Once Bug Reports come in, if there are known problems that are prevalent to players I will include them here.



Can I play on Mac?

There’s no specific way… But these are directions I’ve found that may help 🙂

  • Download Wine( to run .exe files on Mac
  • Double click ‘game.exe’ which will bring a prompt and have winhq run the file. Select “Run directly in /Users/[your name]/Wine Files”
  • If there’s a black screen, hit enter once.
  • If you see something about fonts, see the directions above.



First update on the big update! This is a hotfix for some bugs as well as some content additions. Things are moving forward, and a lot of great things are coming!!! 

I would love it if you would get active on the forums, post your thoughts about the demo, report bugs and share this link everywhere you can. I would love to get the word out about this. More importantly, I would love to interact with you all, hear your thoughts and your suggestions.

And if you would like to support me and my development endeavors, head over to Patreon! I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks!!!



Download Link (Mediafire):

Download Link (Google Drive): 

You may see something about ‘Download preview not available’. If so still download the file by clicking one of the circled areas below. 

If you ask about this, I’ll just refer you back to this page.
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