Route 2

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  • Details:
    • Having bested Miyamoto, you are now setting out on the road to Pewter City. What will await you here? There’s been an extension to the west to include a house.  The simple aspects of travel are the same as in Gen 1; you walk up through some grass and go through Viridian Forest to reach the other side.But there were some bigger differences made here. Viridian Forest, being march larger here than in the main entries, caused the route to also be extended to compensate. The house on the right side of the route to the north is gone, but in its stead is a path to somewhere new.
  • Exits:

    • North – Viridian Forest, Pewter City
    • South – Viridian City
    • Northeast – Sable City
      • Though you can only come from this direction.
  • Some Quests:

    • Love is in the Air
      • Poor Johnny doesn’t know how to tell the girl at school he likes her. He knows she likes Pikachu, but he just doesn’t have the courage to brave Viridian Forest.
    • Carry Your Pidgey On
      • James just moved in from Johto. He isn’t much of a trainer, but he can teach Pidgeys how to deliver mail! The only thing is, he doesn’t have enough Pidgeys!
    • This is an active trade route going from Pewter City to Viridian. But Viridian Forest is such a hard thing to get through. I wonder if people may need help relaying messages or orders?
  • Notable Places and People:

    • Didn’t Darryl say something about training on Route 2 on the weekends? Hmm..
    • There’s a house off to the east in the northern part of the route. I wonder what’s in there?..
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