Pallet Town

Pallet Town


  • Details:

    • Where your journey begins! Pallet Town is larger than its original counterparts, boasting 6 buildings. Oak’s lab, now a house, is still in the Southeast part of town. Agatha’s house is where Red’s will be, up in the Northwest. A couple locations here harken back to some pre-Gen 1 history as well!
  • Exits:

    • North – Route 1
    • South – Route 21
  • Some Quests:

    • Flananigans
      • Talk to Agatha’s Mom for more information! Natasha could use some help!
    • Rattata in the Basement
      • Robert could use some  help with those pesky Rattata! What RPG would be complete without the rats in the cellar throwback?
  • Notable People:

    • Sam’s Mother, Claire, is always wanting to help out her son and his friends!
    • Tony the Fisherman, who only comes on specific days of the week, may have something more to talk to you about as you get further in your travels!
    • Agatha’s Dad, Ben, always has good advice
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