Pewter City(WIP)

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  • Details:
    • So you’ve made it out of Viridian Forest alive. Well done! This is where your journey truly begins. There may have been a difficult road up to this point… But wait til you see what I have in store for you here 😉  You could say, it’s explosive.I really wanted to give Pewter City more of a rock/mountain feel than it’s had in the main entry counterparts. Kinda how the anime did it, with the gym being essentially a giant boulder. However, here, Petra gym is literally in the mountain.  I really wanted to work with the elevation of the area, also. Thus the whole dual level thing going on. However, I still kept the same overall things that made it the Pewter City you know. Same exits as well as keeping the museum, and you’ll definitely see throwforwards to stuff you see in the main games/anime 😀
  • Exits:

    • East – Route 3
    • South – Route 2(north)
  • Some Quests:

    • More to Come!
      • soon!
  • Notable Places and People:

    • The gym is inside the mountain straight forward in town, as well as the path to to the upper level of the city.
    • The Pokecenter definitely has some neat people to meet there! Make sure to talk to everyone to hear their stories!
    • The Kanto Museum is still in-tact and used as a Museum in Gen 0!
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